Some Creative Motorsport Photography
March 28, 2014

A lot of you reading this wouldn’t be if not for my post last year about the rather lacklustre images emanating from a certain British racing series. The post got a huge amount of traction and garnered some comments about how it’s hard to get any variety or how the uncreative shots are what clients want but I still maintain that as a photographer it’s your job to show clients other, more visually interesting, options.

As the 2014 BTCC season opens this weekend, I thought it timely to share a couple of articles with you that reinforce that point. Variety and artistry is not only possible on race day but essential if you want to be successful and not let your work become a commodity, subject to undercutting by the newest Weekend Warrior on the scene.

First up is an interview with Jamey Price and Marc Urbano whose work graces the pages of Road & Track Magazine. What do these talented race photographers look for in a motorsport image?

“Excitement. That’s what I’m always looking for. Weaving lines, colour.” says Jamey whilst Marc hunts  “Photos that tell a story. A great shot can be found in the awful light midday. My favorite shots tell the story of the track that weekend. Those shots are wider sometimes, they have a lot of environment.” –

The second is about Brian Czobat and Nigel Kinrade of Autostock Images. They’ve teamed up to enable themselves to cover more at any given event, each working to capture differnt styles from differnt vantage points.

Once the basic shots are saved to their memory cards, Czobat and Kinrade are free to get creative with experimental shots. This might mean looking for unique angles, creative silhouettes, or hunting down interesting reflections. –

Photographers that put some of themselves into their work will always be more successful than those that fail to differentiate themselves.

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