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Setting up your first relationship in Notion

The trouble with really powerful things is they can be quite hard to use, just ask Tony Stark! While Notion’s database features may not be quite on the scale of the Infinity Gauntlet, they can be a bit a tricky to get your head around. This guide will you get you up and running in a snap.

As I have already mentioned Mr Stark, let’s use the Marvel movies for our example. We’re going to make a system which connects the Infinity Stones with the MCU films they appear in. First we’ll need two databases; one for the Movies, one for the Infinity Stones.

A table (Notion’s term for a database) can be full page or inline. The inline option means the table sits on a page that you can add other things to, the full page method creates a page that contains just the database. For our example, we are going inline so we can have both our tables on the same page.

Let’s create our two tables. First up, we’ll create one called Marvel Movies with the columns; a text field for Movie Title, a couple of number fields for the year in the movie and the year of release, the one more for the IMDb rating.

Next up we need a table of the Infinity Stones. Just the names as a text field here for now.

Now, we simply need to connect the two by creating a Relation field in the Marvel Movies table.

Once you add one side of the link between the tables, the other side sets itself up automatically. By default the column will be called “Related to <Database>” but you can rename its to something snappier.

Now all the setup is done, it now a case of using the connection between the tables. You can do this from either side of the relationship, either my add Stones to Movies or Movies to Stones. In this case either would work so we’ll opt for adding a list of Stones to each movie.

Once everything is linked in the Marvel Movies table, take a look in the Infinity Stones and you’ll see the links we just made are automatically reflected there too.

And that’s it – your first link between two tables in Notion. While this isn’t the most practical example I hope you can see the possibilities. Replace the Infinity Stones with monthly bills and MCU movies with categories like House, Car and Food and you’ve got a simple way of categorising expenditure. Or a list of tasks and what project they relate to. The possibilities really are endless.

If you have any questions, or even tips of your own, please add them down in the comments.


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