It’s Definitely Not About The Gear!

It’s Definitely Not About The Gear!


Ever heard someone else, or even yourself, using any of these excuses?

“It’s easy to take a photo when you have the latest camera and speedlights”

“If I had all the gear he had, I could take photos as good as him”

“Once I get that new *insert gadget here* I’ll start taking better shots”

Well slap that person round the back of the head, even if it was you, because quite frankly, that’s crap.

A good photographer can take a better photo with bad gear than a bad photographer can take with the best gear available.

If you are waiting until you can buy the latest and greatest camera body, or that new lens before you start pushing yourself, that day will never come. There will always be that next thing you tell yourself you need before you can become better. It’s a crutch and you don’t need it. Waiting for something to happen or making excuses won’t make you a better photographer – taking photographs will.

I think we are all guilty of hiding to some degree, myself included, so don’t let yourself hide anymore and stop making those excuses.

Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.

And to underline my point, here’s the Strobist, making stand out images with a Buzz Lightyear novelty camera and a cheap knock off flash!