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Goals: Input > Output

Goals: Input > Output

Everyone suffers from procrastination at some point. You know you need to start that job but you hit resistance – you just can’t get going.

If that’s happening to you right now there’s a good chance that’s because you’ve set yourself bad goals. No matter what fancy todo list app you use, if your tasks are boring, hard or vague, you are making it harder for yourself to get them done.

Try reframing those tasks into something better. By turning into them input-based instead of output-based goals you can fix two of those problems straight away.

Take this as example: Let’s say you have a blog post you want to write and you have a task on your list for this week called “Write awesome blog post” – that’s an output-based goal, it’s vague and it’s daunting. The next action item isn’t clear and writing a whole post in one siting sounds like a lot of work. 

Reword that to an input-based goal like “Work on blog post for 25 mins” you’ve immediately cleared those 2 hurdles. Writing for 25 mins is much more specific, you know exactly what you have to do, and it’s far less daunting than writing the whole post in one go. And the chances are you’ll go way past 25 minutes anyway and finish the job anyway. The task is just a way to trick you brain into getting started.

Flipping your output-based goals to input-based ones might be just the kick in the butt you need to get started.