A Little Halloween Fun

When your logo is a skull, you’re kind of obligated to make a bit of a fuss when Halloween rolls around.

This year at Airjacker, we decided to subtly improve a few classic horror movies. To maximise engagement, these went out as Instagram stories and Facebook posts asking followers to name the film – we had some great deliberately wrong guesses that spawned some extra content.

I took just the skull part of the logo and used a face animation app on my iPhone to lip sync along with lines from various films. I went for MugLife because the simpler apps are looking for a more traditional face to animate – MugLife lets you fine tune all the motion tracking points.

You feel like a fool when lip syncing to your phone but once done all that’s left is to edit your Oscar-winning performance in to the original footage.

I couldn’t get a file out of MugLife with a transparent background so I had to employ Premier Pro’s UltraKey effect to take out the back background from the skull animation.

Drag Ultra Key from the Effects panel onto your clip, then use the eye dropper tool the click the colour you want to key out.

And finally, it’s just a little keyframe animation to move the skull around a bit, mainly increasing the scale to make it appear to be coming towards the camera to highlight certain parts of the script.

A quick, easy and fun way to make some engaging content – even if you don’t like being in front of the camera!


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