Candice Collyer Cubed

I talk a lot of about being different on this blog. If you are just shooting and sharing the same images as everyone else , you’re are never going to elevate yourself above the background noise.

That’s all well and good if you are driving the shoot. If you have creative control and some sort of exclusivity. But what if you’re covering an event, in this case, for a magazine or website? Is it still possible to produce something that differentiates you from everyone else there with a camera?


Candice Collyer

This is Candice Collyer working on the Victory Bikes stand during Motorcycle Live at the National Exhibition Centre. Nice motorbike, pretty girl posing for photos. Click. Job done. Picture in the can. Move on? Only if you want your image to disappear into the sea of literally thousands of similar images.

Now I am not saying this this is a unique idea. It’s not. Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir has been very successful with this type of ‘multiplicity’ image and her work has a much stronger story telling element. But is is different, certainly under these circumstances.

It may have taken some time in Photoshop (see the video below), but I’d rather spend an hour on a single standout image than post 100 unremarkable ones that could have been taken by anyone.


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