Photo of the Week – Widescreen

Today’s Photo of the Week is a panorama I shot for a national cinema chain.


The pano is made from these 7 individual shots merged in Photoshop.


You can see form the EXIF data that I shot this with a wide angle lens, at low ISO for less noise and at a fairly slow shutter speed thanks to being set up on a tripod. I always shoot in manual when taking a panoramic shot by taking a meter reading from a fair average part of the scene. If I left the camera in Aperture Priority the exposure settings would have changed as I panned because there are varying amounts of bright signage and dark ceiling in each frame.

Shooting at 1/4 of a second meant I could keep the ISO nice and low for a clean file and meant that anyone moving would be slightly blurred, both obscuring their faces and giving a busy feel to the image.

As Photoshop is so good at aligning images into a pano, I often shoot them handheld with the camera in portrait orientation (to allow more room for error) but when working off a tripod, I was safe to shoot landscape – after a few test swings back and forth to make sure I was level.

Once Photoshop had done it magic with layers and masking I was left with this image which I round-tripped back into Lightroom for a few levels tweaks and a crop to give the final image at the top of this post.

In Photoshop


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