Photo of the Week – Studio Suites

Photo of the Week – Studio Suites

Today’s image comes from a commercial job I did a while ago for a property developer. They wanted some bright and airy photos of one of their developments just outside London.

Hero image

I turned up to the job, as I usually do, with a car full of gear. When you don’t really know what sort of situation you are going to be working in it’s better to have too much than not enough. In this case though, the rooms really were bright and airy so I worked with nothing more than tripod and a wireless shutter release.

To capture as much detail as possible I bracketed each shot, meaning that for each image I took 5 exposures. One at the “correct” exposure, 2 underexposed (-1 and -2 stops) and two more overexposed. The same technique as if I was planning to make an HDR image.

5 Exposures

Instead of going all-out HDR I used a Lightroom plugin called Lightroom Enfuse from Timothy Armes. It does a fantastic job of subtly pulling the details from the 5 exposures without going all Trey Radcliff on it. It gave just the look the client wanted without me having to spend hours lighting each room to perfection.